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*Times shown are Runtimes. Exact showtimes for each film will be posted soon.

Films will be screened in Themed Time Blocks. Intermission times & Special Guest Appearances will be on Showtimes schedule. A BreakOut/Lounge area will be provided for all guests.


runtime          film             filmmaker

06:43       Desperate (Ryan King)  

07:32       The Audition (Everett Mason)

05:46       Stunt Woman (Damita Howard)

07:35       Luv of My Life (Elijah Nikes,Juan Ponder)

07:08       Joy (Brittani Minnieweather)

19:29       Foul Ball (Kareem Alston)

12:00       Stop (Steven Degennaro)

13:00       Race Anonymous (Melanee Murray-Hunt)

07:48       Saoli (Kumar Kuldip Medhi) 

06:00       Cycles Web Series (LaTajh Weaver)

06:64       Bridge (Sabrina Bowens-Richards)

1:40:18    Last Request (Moses Olufemi)

16:52       Pearl Motel (Chris Jones)

18:00       Typhoon (Mostafa Akbari Manjili)

19:21       Love in the Shadows (Angele Cooper)

11:55       Guilty (Drica Armstrong)

12:48       The Reckoning (Chris Reese)

10:37       A Night at the Table (Tamara S. Hall)

15:00       Trespasser (William Alexander Boyd)

19:53       White Pickett Fence (Lamar Mackson)




runtime          film           filmmaker

04:30       Outside (Jeff Palmer)

04:53       Melanin Monroe (Mike "Culture" Morris)

12:07       Jamaal:Through the Lens (Ian Phillips)

04:00       Out the Blue (Colbie Fray)

20:12       Profiles in Color (Brenda Walker)

02:04       Return A King (Frank Reed)

12:28       R3CKL3$$ Mini Movie (J.L.Bolden)

45:27       The Next 24 (Howard Wilburn)

06:24       Dynamite (Leila Jarman)

45:53       Undeniable:The Tray Chaney Story(Anthony Commodore)

09:17       Shock Nation (Kimia Workman)

04:59       Rebirth of Slick (Joe Howell)

10:56       Me Time (Iyabo Boyd)

11:07       Selfish (Anthony Cuffie)

24:00       Caged (Sainabou Njai)

21:41       The Runaways (Dewey Ortiz Jr.)

15:31       Postal (Davon Gilliam)

11:06       I Am Not Your Enemy-I Am A Black Man

                (Bruce L. Nix Jr.,Cruz Johnson)

05:00       Problem Child (Dez)

1:27:00    Sincerely,Brenda (Kenneth Nelson)

27:53       Sankofa (Princess Garrett)


runtime          film                filmmaker

1:12:00    The Flea (Nicanson Guerrier)

14:03       Connect-The Series(Sean Bartley)

22:00       The Lovers Lyfe (Nina Brooks)

37:33       Trunk (Robert Dean)

23:40       The Other Side (Mike Morris)

22:19       Arroyo (Adrian DeLude)

09:00       Eternal Life,1946(Abdullah Al Muruf)

07:48       Shh (Okema T. Moore)

13:30       Laced Love (Bryan Bostic)

1:39:37    Pride of D.C.:The Hyde Rugby Odyssey(Jonni Masella)

03:10       Just A Little Communication (Marquette Jefferson)

04:53       Stay Away From My Momma (Sidney Weaver)

20:35       Mike's Place (Justin Borgman)

03:43       Awkward Uber Driver (P.J.Barnes)

17:00       Probaphobe (Joshua Nicholas Jordan)

20:16       Thirty (Chris James)

30:00       MrJayV (Mr Jay V)

12:37       Free Rider (Troy Hicks)

20:00       #JustBlack (Deondra Edwards)

runtime       film               filmmaker


37:22       Waking Up White (Jason Gregory)

1:00:00    Akasha (Micaelyn Traut)

06:20       Triple O.G. (Patrick Michael)

1:30:00    Driving Black in America (Jevon Dewand)

07:58       OH BABY YES (Paul Lindsay)

14:00       Congo Caberet (Quincy LeNear Gossfield,Deondray Gossfield)

15:32       The Wish & The Wisp (Vashmere Valentine)

07:13       Translucence (Robert Brogden)

1:38:00    The House Invictus (Uchenna Aguh)

30:00       The Urbans (Rasheed Green)

17:12       Stuck (Praheme Praphet)

1:24:04    Mercy's Kennel (Tracy Bishop) 

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